Call for Conversations

The 2014 Design Research Society Conference is accepting submissions for workshops, structured discussions, and experimental session formats that advance conversation around emergent forms of design research. These sessions have been conceived as alternatives to the traditional paper/presentation format, and the ambition of this new format is to provide innovative venues for project-based research and work that is not easily captured or conveyed by the scholarly paper. We expect that any Conversation will consist of 3-5 catalysts who will present work or structure the experience to facilitate dialogue and discussion. All sessions will last between 1-2 hours in length.

All Proposals should identify the following elements of the session in a one page Conversation Proposal:
1. A list of key catalysts and their job titles for this session, their roles, and whether they have agreed to participate
2. A title and short description (1-2 paragraphs) of the thematic topic that you will address in this session
3. The framing of an organizing research question that you are posing through this session
4. A description of your plan to incorporate the contributions of others in the format of the Conversation

Submission format and review process:
Unlike the traditional papers at a DRS conference, these Conversation Proposals will not be double-blind peer reviewed. Instead, a subcommittee of the DRS organizing body will review these proposals to ensure that they meet the criteria outlined (above). Reviewers will also be looking at originality of topic and format, as well as feasibility for a successful outcome. Priority will be given to those proposals that already have agreements from all catalysts that they will attend the conference and participate in the Conversation. We are particularly interested in proposals that bring together diverse perspectives on the issues and opportunities of design research, that are experiential in nature, and that will productively challenge our assumptions of what the topics and forms design research are or could be.

Conversations submissions are due December 1 to

Notification of acceptance of Conversations:   17 February 2014

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